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Before Your Visit




Office visits are by appointment only. If you can't keep an appointment, please give us 24 hours notice. Despite schedules, any of us may be called to an emergency, which could lead to a last minute delay or cancellation. If this happens, we apologize in advance and our staff will try their best to accommodate your schedule to arrange another visit as soon as possible. In order to keep your medical records updated, please bring a list of all current medications and dosages (or the bottles) with you. You will be asked for this information!

If at any time a life threatening situation should occur, call 911. If a non-emergent situation arises during office hours, please call the office at 650-961-7021. After hours and on weekends call the office at the same number and you will be put in touch with the cardiologist on call.

Please bring your insurance cards to your appointment.

Medical Records

Your medical records are completely confidential. Please note that we try to keep your primary care doctor informed of any changes in your management. Please do not hesitate to ask for copies of your laboratory studies or any other information if you wish to keep a file for your records.

In order to keep our files current, please inform us of any changes in address, telephone number, or insurance coverage as soon as they occur.


Payment Policy

Payments and co-payments are due at the time of service. If you are unable to pay at that time, financial arrangements may be made with the business manager. Payment for services is the responsibility of the patient, even if medical insurance is available. Medical costs can become a burden, but please do not ignore bills you cannot pay. By keeping communications open, our business department will work with you and assist in any way possible.


After each office visit you may request an itemized bill. As a courtesy, we will file all insurance claims when appropriate information is furnished. As required by law, we file all Medicare claims. Insurance may pay all, some, or none of your bill. If after 30 days your insurance company has not paid, please contact your carrier to determine the reason. You are responsible for payment of any remaining balance not covered by insurance. Monthly statements are sent to our patients. Any balance due from you should be paid within 10 days.

If you have questions regarding your charges, or the filing of your claim, contact our business office.

Prescription Refills

Please check your medication supply before each appointment so you can arrange for refills while at the office. If you run out of your medication between visits, call us and give your pharmacy name and phone number, prescription number, medication name and dosage schedule. This information is on your prescription label. Routine prescription refills will be taken care of during office hours. Please allow 24 hours for your refill requests to be called to your pharmacy.

We cannot refill prescriptions in the evenings or on weekends.


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